Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4th Birthday Family Portraits | Long Island Family Photographer | {Sneak Peek}

We were invited to capture family portraits to help celebrate Gabbie's 4th Birthday. To make it really special we decided to take the Family to one of our favorite photography locations, "Bailey Arboretum" in Nassau County. The early morning was fresh, but slowly getting muggy in anticipation of day two of our July heatwave here in NY, but that was not enough to stop us from having some great fun.  We ran, jumped, laughed, and even danced a little. Now that's what I like to see during our family shoots. Thanks Mom and Dad for braving the heat. Enjoy your sneak Peek

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Fun in Prospect Park | Brooklyn Family Photographer {Sneak Peek}

During the summer I love shooting early in the morning to get that fresh light. When I mentioned this to Adrian's parents, they said "Sure, the crack of dawn is just fine". Whoa!! So we decided to take on Prospect Park as early as we could, to make some good portraits of little Adrian for his first year milestone. To no surprise, the park was buzzing with activity at 7AM. Nevertheless, we had a great time capturing little Adrian at his best. We connected right away, and I took advantage of that. I just love this age as they are just starting to be more mobile and curios about everything outside.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Outdoor Maternity Session | Long Island Maternity Photographer

It was the perfect day for the Hernandez family to celebrate the expectation of their little baby boy, and we were so privileged to help capture these memories. He has a cool name coming to him but, we won't give it away off course... until we get a chance to make some nice portraits with him. I hope his eyes are as captivating as his older sister's. What a gorgeous family.

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